There are a pleuthora of people that get registries for their wedding. However, the couple might not even think of the following unique parent wedding gift ideas off the top of their heads:

1. Food Processor

There will be many times that this looked over item is used in the life of a cook.

2. Huge Wok

So many people do not think they need massive frying pans, but the gift will come in handy later when preparing a big dish to freeze.

3. Handheld Mixer

Lots of people view this gift as extravagant, but honestly, it saves the wrists in more ways than one when mixing a dish.

4. Slotted Serving Spoon

There will be times when serving a dish that one just wants the solids and none of the liquids. This spoon will come in handy.

5. French Press

A french press, especially of a good make, is always a good standby in the kitchen. Some people swear by them and only drink coffee from a french press.

These unique parent wedding gift ideas come from seasoned cooks who know that the kitchen really is the heart of the home.

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